User testing of UPC IT system


The UPC Preparatory Committee is currently conducting user-testing of a prototype e-filing / case management system, both by holding workshops and by making the prototype available for anyone to test and provide feedback. The prototype allows the filing of an infringement claim and is based on UPC draft Rules of Procedure 13-28. One of the workshops was held on 8 October 2014 (hosted by Bristows) and, in addition to representatives from the UK IPO (tasked with procuring the UPC IT system on behalf of the Preparatory Committee), attendees were lawyers and patent attorneys from a variety of firms and businesses, including Kevin Mooney (Chairman of the UPC Rules Drafting Committee). This workshop produced several hours of vigorous and productive discussion. It is understood that the IPO is also seeking feedback from potential judges and other court staff.  It is also understood that feedback will be collected during October and November, and a review in December will inform the tender for the IT procurement process starting in early 2015.

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