Update on UPC judges


The Unified Patent Court (UPC) has today published Update on judicial appointments, describing changes to the list of appointed judges in its communication of 19 October 2022. As reported here, at that time three legally qualified judges were still to be appointed. The following have now been appointed and took up their positions on 1 June: François Thomas (French) to the central division Paris seat, András Kupecz (Dutch) to the central division Munich section and Peter Agergaard (Danish) to the local division Copenhagen. Regarding the 51 technically qualified judges previously appointed, three of those resigned before 31 May and András Kupecz is no longer a technically qualified judge (now he is a legally qualified judge in the central division Munich). However, as the UPC reported recently, further offers of positions as a technically qualified judge will be made to about 20 candidates identified as the most suitable.

Myles Jelf


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