UPC templates for decisions and orders


The Unified Patent Court (UPC) has published a general template for each of the following: a Decision of the Court of First Instance, an Order of the Court of First Instance, a Decision of the Court of Appeal and an Order of the Court of Appeal. It has also published several non-binding Guidances on their use. As stated here, the aim is to ensure consistent appearance and content of orders and decisions and to enhance efficiency, and the Guidances have been drafted for use by both judges and party representatives. For judges, they serve as an informal check-list to ensure that: “parties’ right to be heard has been complied with throughout the proceedings, all mandatory steps in the more complex proceedings have been correctly followed, and all relevant aspects are taken into account and the various options available to the judges kept in mind.” For party representatives, they enable requests to be drafted in a format that corresponds to the possible format of the decision or order sought.

Myles Jelf


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