UPC Preparatory Committee reports on its final meeting


The Preparatory Committee of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) has reported (here) on its meeting yesterday.  This was its final meeting before the Provisional Application Phase (PAP), when it will hand over the preparations to UPC committees.  The Committee agreed a few consequential amendments to the Rules of Procedure, and will publish the amended version shortly. (It is expected that this version will then be adopted by the Administrative Committee when the PAP starts.)  The Committee also agreed a final suite of legal, HR and financial documents, and reported that a small operational team is overseeing the recruitment and training of judges (selection and appointment to be during the PAP) and the testing of the IT and case management system.  The Committee is still expecting the PAP to start at the end of May, although (as reported here) this requires a few more states to accede to the Protocol on Provisional Application (in addition to Germany and the UK having ratified the UPC Agreement or having parliamentary approval to do).  Provided the PAP does start at the end of May, the ‘sunrise period’ for opt-outs should begin in September and the Court will open in December.

James Boon


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