UPC appoints Registrar and Deputy-Registrar


The Unified Patent Court (UPC) has announced that Mr Alexander Ramsay and Mr Axel Jacobi were appointed yesterday by the Presidium as Registrar and Deputy-Registrar respectively, and they take up their posts today. Mr Ramsay, a judge in the Swedish Patent and Market Court, was vice-chairman of the Preparatory Committee when established in 2013, chairman in 2015, and then elected chairman of the Administrative Committee in its inaugural meeting in February 2022 (following the start of the provisional application period in January), resigning in November 2022. The Registrar leads the Registry, which is located at the Court of Appeal in Luxembourg, and the Deputy-Registrar is responsible for the sub-registries, which are at every Court of First Instance division. The Registry fulfils administrative and procedural tasks, key for the functioning of the court, and particular tasks of each role are listed here. For the Registrar these include organising the court proceedings, keeping case records, publishing decisions, maintaining the IT system, and assisting the Presidium (of which he is a non-voting member) in the preparation of the court’s budget and implementing the budget.

Myles Jelf


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