Surveys to assist UK and other countries in choosing locations for their UPC divisions


The UK IPO is examining options for the location of the courts of the UPC to be located in the UK, with a view to reaching a decision in Spring 2015.  It proposes that the London section of the central division and the UK local division be located in a single building in London.  As part of its decision-making process, the UK IPO has published a summary of two options, requesting opinions on both and reasons for preferring one over the other.  A number of interested groups have expressed views on behalf of their members and the board of the European Patent Lawyers Association (EPLAW) board is conducting a short survey (here) to obtain the views of EPLAW members on some of the criteria for choosing the location of UPC local, regional and central divisions.  EPLAW will share the results of this survey with the UK IPO and governments of other signatory states who are also selecting locations for their UPC divisions.

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