Select Committee continues to discuss unitary patent renewal fees


In its 11th meeting on 9 December 2014, the EPO Select Committee continued its discussion on the level of renewal fees (the EPO having prepared further simulations of different fee level scenarios) and started work on distribution of renewal fees between participating Member States (in accordance with Article 13 of the Unitary Patent Regulation 1257/2012).   It still appears that the level of renewal fees may not be finalised before mid 2015, which is the Committee’s target date for having decided on the budgetary/financial aspects of implementation of unitary patent protection.  Regarding the draft Rules relating to Unitary Patent Protection, the one rule not yet approved in principle by the Committee relates to coverage of the EPO’s expenditure (Rule 25).

EPO’s report of Select Committee meeting of 9 December 2014 –  here

Dominic Adair


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