Recruitment of UPC judges to begin in May


The UPC judicial recruitment package was agreed during yesterday’s UPC Preparatory Committee meeting held in Luxembourg.  Advertisements for the UPC’s judicial posts will be published in May (exact date to be agreed) with the recruitment process commencing thereafter.  During their 15th meeting, the UPC Preparatory Committee also discussed the following:

  • The draft Code of Conduct for practitioners:  The draft, which has been developed by EPLAW, EPLIT and the epi, is slated to be agreed at the next Preparatory Committee meeting at the end of May 2016.   Although the draft Code of Conduct has yet to be made publicly available, it is hoped that more details will be forthcoming in the next few weeks in advance of May’s meeting.
  • The Protocol on Privileges and Immunities:  With the signing ceremony scheduled for the end of June 2016, this will mark a trigger point for many Contracting Member States’ ratification process (including the UK).
  • The Rules on Arbitration and the Rules of Operation of the Patent Mediation and Arbitration Centre of the UPC:  The Rules of Arbitration were agreed and will be published (but no date given).  The Rules of Operation will be subject to further amendments.  No additional details have been forthcoming at this stage.

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