Preparatory Committee publishes information on locations of the UPC


The UPC Preparatory Committee has published locations so far confirmed for the UPC divisions, including addresses and photos.  The information, published on the UPC website here, will be added to as more locations are confirmed, but it currently comprises: the Court of Appeal in Luxembourg; four local divisions in Germany (Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich and Mannheim) the Nordic-Baltic regional division based in Stockholm (covering Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), and the German branch of the central division (in Munich but in a different location from the local division).  It should be noted, however, that the UK government decided last year that the UK branch of the central division and also the UK’s local division will be in the newly-built Aldgate Tower in London, and therefore it is expected that this information will be shortly be included.

The link to the locations page on the UPC website can be found in the  “About the UPC” section here.  It was also published yesterday in a News item here (initially published last week but later withdrawn).

Brian Cordery


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