News from Denmark on referendum and local division


From a recent opinion poll on voting intentions in Denmark’s referendum on 25 May 2014 on ratification of the UPC agreement, it seems likely that Denmark will ratify. In the poll, 48% said they would vote for ratification and 22% would vote against, the others being undecided.

The Danish government has announced plans for a local division of the UPC in Copenhagen if the referendum result is positive, with Danish and English being the languages of the proceedings. The announcement followed political agreement among almost all the parties in parliament. It is, however, because not all parties support Denmark joining the UPC that the government called the referendum (required under Denmark’s opt-out from EU legislation on justice where less than 80% of MPs are in favour).

Regarding other Nordic countries, Finland is understood to be planning a local division in Helsinki operating in Finnish and English, and on 4 March 2014 Sweden agreed with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to form a “Nordic-Baltic” regional division operating in English and based in Stockholm.

Robert Burrows


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