Location of Italy’s local division of the UPC announced


In a press release (here) on 7 October 2016, the Italian Ministry of Justice announced that the Unified Patent Court (UPC) in Milan will be located in an existing court building at via San Barnaba 50.  The release explains that the building is already used for judicial purposes and suited to facilitating cooperation between the new international court and the existing courts so enabling increased efficiency in judicial response, and also that its structure and size allow for expansion if required.  Italy’s announcement of the precise location of its local division of the UPC in this building, and the comment about the potential for expansion, follows the recent announcement that if the UPC goes ahead without the UK, Milan is a potential location for the central division’s business currently allocated to London (see here).  Draft legislation to enable Italy to ratify the UPC Agreement is currently in the Senate (here, one of the two chambers of Italy’s parliament), having been passed by the other chamber (the Chamber of Deputies) on 14 September 2016 (see here).

Myles Jelf


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