German parliament passes two bills required for UPC ratification


The Bundestag (German parliament) yesterday passed two pieces of draft legislation required for Germany to ratify the Unified Patent Court (UPC) Agreement.  One (bill 18/11137) will actually authorise ratification of the Agreement and the other (bill 18/8827) will amend German patent law.  Both bills received their second and third readings in the Bundestag yesterday and, as reflected in the minutes of the session, all parties voted unanimously to approve the draft legislation.  The bills will now be submitted as acts to the Bundesrat (Federal Council) for approval.  The remaining steps required for the acts to be promulgated are: countersignature by the Federal government, i.e. either by the Chancellor herself or the federal minister;  certification by the Federal President; and, finally, publication in the Federal Law Gazette.

Richard Pinckney


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