Further updates to the UPC Case Management System released


The Unified Patent Court (UPC) IT team released several updates to the beta test site of the UPC Case Management System last week.  The UPC Preparatory Committee had already reported the previous week (Implementing the Patent package, Fifth progress report): “The Case Management System (CMS) is close to completion, subject to some remaining work including input from expert practitioners necessary to ensure that it meets the high standards of its future users. It is widely acknowledged by all involved parties, that the CMS will be continuously reviewed and improved up to the launching of the Court.”  The latest updates include the completion of the list of applications, improved case details and search section, improved document uploading functionality, and fine tuning of the user interface.   The first specific APIs (Application Program Interfaces) for data exchange with the EPO have also been released on the CMS Developer’s portal.

As reported here, the UPC Preparatory Committee had decided after the UK’s EU referendum that work related to the technical implementation of the UPC should continue as normal, and in the fifth progress report said it was in a position to conclude all the preparatory work at its final meeting in October 2016.  That meeting is taking place next Monday, 10 October in Paris.

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