EPLAW prepares draft Resolution on “Code of Conduct in the UPC”


The European Patent Lawyers Association (EPLAW) has formed a working group to draft a Resolution on a Code of Conduct in the UPC.  Currently, lawyers in different European jurisdictions are subject to their own jurisdiction’s code of conduct.  EPLAW notes that there appear to be some significant differences between the codes (e.g. on confidentiality, definition of legal conflicts, contingency fees, and conversing with judges on procedural issues), and that it would clearly be preferable if all lawyers operating in the UPC were subject to the same rules on such topics.  EPLAW’s working group is identifying all the potential issues which may be covered in a UPC Code of Conduct, and then sub-groups will prepare draft proposals for specific issues, with a view to circulating a draft Resolution to EPLAW members in mid-March (and ultimately obtaining the agreement of the majority of EPLAW members to a final Resolution).

Myles Jelf


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