Draft UPC laws continue passage through German parliament


The Bundestag (German parliament) will next week debate and vote on the draft legislation required for Germany to participate in the unitary patent and Unified Patent Court (UPC) system.  There are two draft laws: bill 18/11137 to authorise ratification of the UPC Agreement, and bill 18/8827 to amend German patent law.  Each bill passed the first reading stage, 18/11137 on 16 February 2017 (with no debate being required, as explained here) and 18/8827 last year (after debate on 23 June 2016), and entered the committee stage for review and preparation by the Committee for Legal & Consumer Affairs of a report and recommendation.  In the Bundestag agenda both bills are listed in the 9 March 2017 sitting for their second and third (i.e. final) readings.  A final vote will be held after the third reading and if the bills are passed the next stage is submission to the Bundesrat (Federal Council).

Richard Pinckney


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