Bundesrat passes Germany’s UPC privileges and immunities legislation


On 2 June 2017 the Bundesrat (Federal Council) approved the draft law to enable Germany to ratify the Protocol on Privileges and Immunities of the Unified Patent Court (PPI).  The PPI will give legal personality to the UPC and provide the Court and its judges, Registrar and other staff with various privileges and immunities. One section of the Court’s central division will be in Munich, and four local divisions will also be in Germany: in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Mannheim and Munich.  The Bundesrat had already (on 31 March 2017) approved an act authorising Germany to ratify the UPC Agreement and an act to amend national patent law.  The remaining steps for these acts to be promulgated are: countersignature by the government, certification by the President, and publication in the Bundesgesetzblatt (Federal Law Gazette).

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